The Warwickshire Event Centre will be very busy this month hosting 3 events on back to back weekends.

The first is the National Vintage Communications Fair (NVCF) on Sunday 12th May. The NVCF now in its 14th year at the Warwickshire Event Centre will be organised by the British Vintage Wireless Society. This is an antique-type collectors fair specialising in early technology and featuring thousands of rare and collectable items such as early radios, television receivers, and all manner of electrical and mechanical antiques and collectables. The event is set to attract over 200 stall holders from all over the globe!

The second event is the 34th British Tarantula Society Exhibition held on Sunday 19th May. Whilst some people may be put off by just the name of this exhibition, you will be pleased to know there is a strict no handling policy! The aim of the exhibition is to educate not scare people. With over 70 traders spanning over 200 tables this is set to be the largest exhibition in the world of its kind allowing visitors to purchase all the necessary equipment and food they need for their spiders.

The final event in May is the Classic Car Auction held on Saturday 25th May. The auction will play host to over 150 classic cars. With cars ranging from as early as 1933 with a Riley Nine Special Four-Seat Tourer to a 2005 Bentley Continental GT Mulliner. With such a diverse range of classic cars on offer, bids will be flying in. Make sure you check out the lots on to see which ones you are going to bid for!